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Ulf is from Germany but has been here in Switzerland for almost 20 years. He has been flying since 2012, and when he’s not here in his mountain office you’ll find him running his surf business from the beach in Indonesia.



Buzz is an import from New Zealand, who arrived in Lauterbrunnen to BASEjump and never left! He lives here now with his incredibly cute baby, and commutes to work by paraglider. Living the dream!



Fabian is an incredibly talented pilot from the french side of Switzerland who has been flying for over 15 years. He loves flying in all its forms, from kitesurfing on the water to BASEjumping from the cliffs, and he is stoked to share his flying adventures with you.



Beni is born and bred right here in this Valley. He's flying for over 30 years throughout the World. Passionate about Airtime Paragliding and his Family. Beside paragliding he loves to ski, bike and being a daddy!