Can I take a camera?

Yes, as long as it is a compact camera/GoPro and can be secured to you. No DSLRs, removable lenses or phones, for safety reasons.

Can I take a camera?2021-03-05T07:33:12+01:00

Can I take a bag?

Yes, if it is a small bag. If it is too large to fly with, you can simply send it down via cable car for a few francs (ask at the Schilthornbahn cablecar station for details), and collect it at landing!

Can I take a bag?2021-03-05T07:09:01+01:00

What is the weight limit?

90kg / 200lbs. This is not absolutely set in stone, it can also be affected by flying conditions on the day, and body shape - the harness must fit you safely.  Safety always comes first and, although we will try our best to take you flying, we do reserve the right to cancel flights if

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How high is the flight?

We take off in Mürren at 1650m, around 850 metres above our landing field in Stechelberg (800m); and we are able to soar much higher, using thermals, if conditions allow!

How high is the flight?2021-01-01T10:03:08+01:00

How long is the flight?

The flight time is approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on thermic conditions. Our Double Airtime flight is just that – double the airtime, at 30-40 minutes. Our pilots are not restricted by time and endeavour to ensure the flight lasts as long as the conditions allow – normally longer than our minimum timings.

How long is the flight?2021-01-01T10:03:08+01:00

Where do we land?

Just next to the Schilthornbahn cablecar station, in Stechelberg. We can give you a ride back to Lauterbrunnen, or if you are feeling especially energised from your flight, the walk along the valley takes less than 1 hour! Based in Mürren? Simply hop on the cablecar.

Where do we land?2021-01-01T10:03:08+01:00

Is transport included?

The cablecar journey to Murren is NOT included in the flight price. * You are welcome to make your own way to Murren and meet your pilot directly there – thus making the most of your cablecar ticket! Guests travelling by car should park at the Stechelberg Schilthornbahn Cablecar Station and meet us either

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