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Our long established adventure company of Airtime Paragliding situated conveniently close to Interlaken, in the world famous Lauterbrunnen valley; the gateway to the Jungfrau and Schilthorn region. Tandem paragliding is the ultimate experience for those who want to experience the pure weightlessness of flying combined with breathtaking scenery and awe-inspiring natural beauty. Our professionally trained and qualified paragliding pilots are committed to ensuring Safety First combined with a friendly and personal service.

No experience necessary – just an appetite for adventure!

Take a deep breath, put your best foot forward, a few steps together down the hill and soar high up into the sky!


We fly all year
Our passengers travel from far and wide to enjoy what often is described as a “once-in-a-lifetime experience”. Our team comprises of highly trained pilots who have trained not only in Switzerland but many other World-class paragliding countries. We can also cater for special requests; everything from birthday wishes to marriage proposals. This also makes a very thoughtful and unique ‘WOW’ gift to someone special.
CHF 190.–

Flight: The Wall

Lauterbrunnen is one of the deepest U-Valleys in the Alpine World and famous for its outstanding natural beauty. The countless waterfalls, beautiful views of the car-free resorts of Wengen, Gimmelwald and Mürren, with glimpses of the James Bond Mountain; the Schilthorn and framed by the extensive awe-inspiring Jungfrau mountain range.

The flying time is 15 – 20 minutes and the whole trip experience takes approximately one and a half hours.

CHF 290.–

Flight: Double Airtime

The Double Airtime flight is exactly that – double the usual flying time! This is a thermic flight of 30-40 minutes (instead of 15-20 minutes) taking off in Murren; and is dependent on thermic conditions of the day.

To book a Double Airtime flight, simply book a “The Wall” flight on or after 11:15 – you will have the opportunity to upgrade to Double Airtime on the day. If conditions are good, you will land and pay the difference, if not, you will have enjoyed an epic Wall flight. You can’t lose!

Good to know

Your questions answered

The cablecar journey to Murren is NOT included in the flight price but check your travel pass, as the journey may be covered. You are welcome to make your own way to Murren and meet your pilot directly there – thus making the most of your cablecar ticket! Guests travelling by car should park at the Stechelberg Schilthornbahn Cablecar Station and meet us either there or in Murren. If you have a JungfrauPass then you need to travel from Lauterbrunnen village via Grutschalp, as your pass doesn’t cover the Schilthornbahn.

Confused?! Don’t worry! Just WhatsApp us.

A single journey Stechelberg – Murren takes 10 minutes and is 11.40chf.

This is our temporary meeting point in Mürren, due to construction. Please follow the arrows and keep going when you see this meeting point flag.

at the Schilthornbahn cablecar station

We take a short walk to our take-off area (a 10 minute uphill walk from Mürren), where your pilot will provide a comprehensive briefing. There is no jumping and no cliff edge – you simply take a few running steps and the paraglider lifts you and your pilot into the air, where you will sit comfortably while soaring over the Alps!

There isn’t one! We suggest a minimum age of 5 for kids, and there is NO upper age limit.

90kg / 200lbs. This is not absolutely set in stone, it can also be affected by flying conditions on the day, and body shape – the harness must fit you safely.  Safety always comes first and, although we will try our best to take you flying, we do reserve the right to cancel flights if you are on or above the weight limit.

You don’t need to be an athlete, but you do need to be able to take a few running steps to take off.

You don’t need any experience – you will be flying with a highly experienced pilot who will brief you throughly.

Wear what you would wear to hike. Layered clothing, and good shoes. Don’t show up in flip flops! You may bring a camera as long as it is a compact camera/GoPro and can be secured to you. No DSLRs, removable lenses or phones, for safety reasons. You may bring a bag if it is a small bag. If it is too large to fly with, you can simply send it down via cable car for a few francs (ask at the Schilthornbahn cablecar station for details), and collect it at landing!

The flight time is approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on thermic conditions. Our Double Airtime flight is just that – double the airtime, at 30-40 minutes. Our pilots are not restricted by time and endeavour to ensure the flight lasts as long as the conditions allow – normally longer than our minimum timings.

We take off in Mürren at 1650m, around 850 metres above our landing field in Stechelberg (800m); and we are able to soar much higher, using thermals, if conditions allow!

We land just next to the Schilthornbahn cablecar station, in Stechelberg.

If we cannot fly due to weather of course you don’t pay a thing.  If we cannot reschedule your flight for another time you will receive a full refund.

We have a 24 hour penalty-free cancellation policy. Cancellations made by guests within 24 hours of the flight time will be charged in full. Cancellations that Airtime makes due to weather are free of charge.

Just one person per pilot. We are not allowed to fly with more than one person at a time, regardless of the weight.

Your friends can watch! We suggest that spectators wait at the landing field in Stechelberg, next to the Schilthornbahn cable car station, for the best view of the flight.

1 – Prebook online with a credit card, on our website, to ensure you have the date and time you want; or 2 – Pay directly to your pilot after your flight with cash or card.

Photos and video are 40CHF. There is no need to book beforehand, you can decide after the flight if you would like them and the pilot will give you a USB stick, or load them directly onto your phone (if compatible).

Please contact us via WhatsApp, call us directly on +41 (0)79 247 84 63 or send an email to info@airtime-paragliding.com.


What our passengers say about us

About us

Certified & Professional

We offer the highest level of safety and professionalism. We have turned our passion into a profession and thoroughly enjoy flying the skies high above the mountain summits of the Jungfrau Region. Flying over the majestic Swiss Alps can hardly be put into words. Our priority is the trust, safety and personal comfort of our guests so that we can in turn guarantee the highest level and standard of quality service. Each one of our pilots is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each passenger, ensuring you have the most memorable flying experience!

All our tandem pilots are certified by the Swiss Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (SHPA), have undergone extensive training and examinations. In addition, our pilots are also distinguished by their enormous paragliding know-how and superb flying skills: reasons why our standards of safety and professionalism are of the highest level.


We live and breathe flight

Our international team is made up of highly experienced pilots who have flown paragliders in the most beautiful locations all across the world – and they choose to make the Lauterbrunnen valley ‘home’. Our pilots are passionate about flight; when they’re not ‘in the office’ you will see them flying solo, making acrobatic flights, or perhaps BASEjumping from the cliffs of Lauterbrunnen!

Booking Information

To paraglide within the next 48 hours or for groups of 7 or more, please contact us via WhatsApp, call us on +41 (0)79 247 84 63 or send an email to info@airtime-paragliding.com.

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